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BP, Sunbury Business Park


Sunbury Business Park is one of BP's largest office sites, home to their International Centre for Business and Technology and 4,500 employees.

As part of a programme awarded to main contractor ISG, H&S were asked to redecorate the Atrium in the main reception area.


The job posed many challenges since the Atrium was in constant use by staff and visitors. We needed to work from ground level to a height of 14m with restrictions on floor loadings, but the site had to be completely clear during office working hours. For this reason fixed scaffolding was not an option. Since BP insist on the highest standards of Health & Safety we also needed to ensure the most stringent working practices at all times.


Our only practical option was to work over weekends since the means of access could be left in place overnight. We devised a range of solutions for different areas of the Atrium space. This involved a combination of lightweight towers, a heavy duty ‘boxing ring’ style platform and a team of abseilers to reach otherwise inaccessible areas around a piece of 12m high artwork.

We installed mechanical ventilation whilst applying fireproofing paint to remove all traces of odour before staff and visitors returned after the weekend. All toxic material was removed via licensed hazardous waste disposal.


The client was delighted with the results and ISG presented H&S with their ‘Dedicated to Detail’ award, given only to contractors delivering works of exceptional quality.

Our client said:

“H&S provided us with the expertise and innovative approach we required to get the Atrium works completed. As always the works were undertaken in a professional and skilled way, ensuring my client was not disrupted.”

Richard Slade   Project Manager, ISG

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