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Nomura Bank, HQ 


Nomura Bank Headquarters, No.One Angel Lane for Como.


Following the acquisition of Lehmann Brothers business, Nomura had an urgent requirement for a new headquarters to accommodate 3,500 employees.


This project was one of the largest fit-outs in Europe and possibly one of the fastest, with 546,000 sq.ft being undertaken in just 8 months. This required H&S to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week which meant running separate workforces to handle day and night shifts.

Despite the time pressure quality throughout was exceptional and involved the widespread use of specialist finishes such as silk wall coverings and polished plaster.


“The project was a huge challenge and could not be achieved without trade contractors rising to the challenge. H&S were an important part of the teamwork.”

Henry Tammaro   Project Director, Como

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