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Our approach to Health & Safety

At H&S we believe that going to work in an incident and injury free environment is a basic human right that employees should expect from their employers. We work proactively with clients, designers, contractors and our employees to ensure this is delivered. We would walk away from any job we felt compromised our commitment to safety.

We also recognise that being incident and injury free requires commitment from all employees and that to take a personal stand demonstrates great courage and trust. H&S work to develop the experience and capability of its employees, continually improving their own safety performance. A comprehensive training plan ensures that all employees receive regular health and safety training.

Projects are regularly visited by our safety managers, who undertake inductions and tool box talks to ensure that our method statements, risk assessments and COSHH assessments are properly conveyed and understood by all our employees.


Health & Safety Schemes


The Contractor Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS) has been developed with the support of the Health and Safety Executive. Every month thousands of companies apply to public sector organisations (such as councils, NHS Trusts etc.) for acceptance on to tender lists for upcoming projects. Assessing the competency of contractors is usually a lengthy process, particularly when it comes to health and safety.

CHAS undertakes assessment of individual companies to ensure that members of their scheme have demonstrated that they meet acceptable standards of health and safety compliance. This enables clients to use CHAS as part of their process for selection of contractors, in order to assist them in ensuring that their tender lists contain only contractors who have demonstrated the necessary competency in health and safety standards.



CSCS was established in 1995 to improve quality, reduce accidents and remove cowboy builders. By 2007 the Scheme awarded the millionth CSCS card but this still represented less than half of those employed in the construction industry. H&S, however, have a 100% CSCS carded workforce. This ensures quality of service and provides a solid foundation for our training and development plan, ensuring health and safety awareness prior to undertaking further specific training.

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About Us

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We pride ourselves on Health and Safety measures for our workforce and clients.


We have a complete set of policies to ensure we deliver quality to our clients. 

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We have a successful track record of awards and official accreditations.

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