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Railway Worker

H&S Rail & Transport




We have created this division in response to the significant growth of our business with this sector. Our principal clients include:

  • Balfour Beatty

  • Balvac

  • Birse Rail

  • Birse Metro

  • Clancy Docwra

  • Enterprise

  • Morgan Sindall

  • Skanska

  • Spence Refit

  • VolkerLaser


The particular capabilities needed here are twofold. Firstly, we are continually developing the skills needed to offer the comprehensive industrial painting services needed to cope with the ever growing demands placed on the infrastructure maintenance, thus ensuring the smooth running of the transport system. This includes, for example, wet and dry abrasive grit blasting, the safe removal of lead based coatings and mechanical preparation to remove corrosion and defective coatings prior to the application of the latest industrial, marine or intumescent products.

The second capability is essentially one of organisation and approach, since the transport sector works around the clock. We have developed the knowledge and planning skills needed to find ways of executing our works in this highly time restricted environment.

  • Infrastructure maintenance

  • Abrasive Grit Blasting

  • Shot Blasting

  • Wet Blasting

  • Industrial, Marine & Intumescent Coatings

  • Chemical and Mechanical Preparation

  • Hazardous Waste disposal

The case histories show what we’ve done and how an excellent outcome has been achieved even under the most challenging circumstances.

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