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H&S recognise construction apprentices as a vital resource and are committed to helping young people enter the industry. Skilled trades people are not always easy to come by and we work hard to develop our own.

Apprentices help provide a stable, loyal and dedicated workforce as they grow from inexperienced trainees into highly skilled workers. H&S employ a number of new apprentices each year and the skills they develop lead to respected National Vocational Qualifications which prove the standards of work expected in the industry have been met.

With our emphasis on health and safety and the effort we make to provide an environment appropriate for producing high quality workmanship, H&S is ideally positioned to provide the highest levels of training available in the industry.


Clapping Audience

We are committed to the younger workforce.

Paint Supplies

Learn and Train from the best in the business.

Informative Interview

Be part of a winning Team.

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