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Coal Board Pension Properties 


This warehouse unit on the Beddington Lane Industrial Estate, Croydon, forms part of an extensive property portfolio. It needed complete refurbishment prior to the take up of a new lease.


The property was dilapidated and not fit for a new tenant. The building needed stripping out and extensive internal alterations and redecoration, followed by external repairs and redecoration.


H&S Maintenance offers a complete ‘one-stop’ shop for managers of commercial property. We offer all the services needed to complete dilapidations or refurbishments on any rental property, either as part of an existing lease agreement or prior to the offer of a lease to new tenant. This is well demonstrated at Beddington Lane given the range of tasks undertaken by H&S Maintenance personnel:

  • Complete internal strip out removing asbestos

  • Repairs to floors, walls and ceilings

  • Full cleaning and internal redecoration

  • Roof repair, window replacement and installation of new roller shutter

  • New electric mains supply installation and re-wire throughout

  • External drainage repair

  • Forecourt alterations

  • Repair and decoration to external cladding and weather proofing application to roof sheeting


“The scope of this job called for a wide range of trades and skills but by using H&S the Coal Board Pension Fund was able to complete this extensive refurbishment through just one contractor.”

Peter Brooks   Project Manager, H&S

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