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Health & Safety

At H&S we believe that going to work in an incident and injury free environment is a basic human right that employees should expect from their employers. We work proactively with clients, designers, contractors and our employees to ensure this is delivered. We would walk away from any job we felt compromised our commitment to safety.


​We also recognise that being incident and injury free requires commitment from all employees and that to take a personal stand demonstrates great courage and trust. H&S work to develop the experience and capability of its employees, continually improving their own safety performance. A comprehensive training plan ensures that all employees receive regular health and safety training.​


Projects are regularly visited by our safety managers, who undertake inductions and tool box talks to ensure that our method statements, risk assessments and COSHH assessments are properly conveyed and understood by all our employees.​​​

Safety as a Basic Human Right

At H&S, we consider a workplace free from incidents and injuries to be a fundamental human right that employees should expect from their employers. We proactively collaborate with clients, designers, contractors, and employees to uphold this standard. We are unwavering in our commitment to safety and will withdraw from any project that threatens this principle.

Comprehensive Safety Training

To ensure all employees have the necessary skills and knowledge, H&S implements a comprehensive training plan that covers regular health and safety education. This ongoing training is designed to improve safety performance and foster a safety-first culture within our workforce.

Shared Responsibility for Safety

We recognize that achieving a safe workplace requires a collective commitment from all employees. At H&S, we encourage personal accountability and believe that standing up for safety demonstrates courage and trust. Our focus on developing our employees' skills and capabilities is designed to continually enhance safety performance across the organization.

On-Site Safety Management

Safety managers from H&S routinely visit project sites to conduct safety inductions and toolbox talks. These visits ensure that method statements, risk assessments, and Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) assessments are effectively communicated and understood. This hands-on approach helps maintain a consistent and clear focus on safety across all projects.

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Zero Incidents 

H&S is proud to announce that over the past three years, with over 100,000 man-hours of work completed, we have maintained a record of zero incidents.


This achievement reflects our unwavering commitment to safety and the dedication of our entire team to creating a secure work environment. By prioritizing health and safety at every level of our operations, from comprehensive training programs to rigorous on-site protocols, we have fostered a culture where safety comes first.


This milestone is not just a testament to our processes and standards, but also to the vigilance and teamwork of our employees, who have embraced the responsibility of ensuring a workplace free from incidents and injuries. We will continue to uphold these high standards as we move forward, always striving for excellence in safety.

Our Commitments 

At H&S, our zero-tolerance policy towards unsafe practices is a cornerstone of our commitment to health and safety. We believe that every employee has the right to a safe working environment, and we do not compromise on this principle. To ensure our zero-tolerance policy is upheld, we maintain strict protocols that guide our daily operations, conduct regular safety audits, and encourage open communication about potential risks. This approach allows us to identify and mitigate hazards before they become incidents, creating a culture of accountability and vigilance.

Our commitment to health and safety extends to comprehensive training programs for all employees, ensuring they have the knowledge and skills to work safely. From risk assessment protocols to specialized safety training, we equip our workforce with the tools they need to maintain a safe work environment. We also empower our employees to speak up and take action if they encounter unsafe conditions, fostering a sense of ownership over workplace safety. By integrating these practices into our company culture, we aim to continuously improve our safety performance and maintain a track record of zero incidents.


Zero-Tolerance Poliy


Safety Training Programs


Risk Assessment Protocols

health and safety assessment


Regular Safety Audits


Employee Empowerment


Comprehensive Safety Compliance 


We know that health & safety is important to our customers, which is why we maintain best practices.

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