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Policy & Standards


Good quality, performance and consistency are not matters of luck – they are a result of attention to detail, good process and good organisation. The company operates a quality management system certified to ISO 9001 standard.

Every single process in delivering our service has been analysed, with well defined procedures documented to improve the efficiency and quality of what we offer. The person within the company with designated responsibility for each process is clearly defined.

Completed works are reviewed by the management and a self snagging process is undertaken. This ensures that works are handed over on time and in a condition that not only matches the specification, but often exceeds the expectations of our clients.

Quality Policy


Practical examples of our commitment to quality include our membership of the Dulux Trade Contract Partnership.


Our industry has a significant impact on the environment. Because we must protect and enhance the communities within which we work and live, the company operates an environmental management system certified to ISO 14001 standard.

These standards help us to evaluate the impact we have on the environment, questioning our practices and putting new procedures into place where necessary. Efforts are taken to reduce energy use, wastage rates and ensure that hazards are properly evaluated before they appear in the public domain.

Environmental Policy

At a practical level our commitment includes providing all our clients with sound technical advice advocating, wherever possible, the use of solvent free paints and involvement in the ‘Community Repaint’ network.


Championing Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are woven into our business DNA. We prioritize eco-friendly practices, minimizing our carbon footprint, conserving resources, and prioritizing renewable energy. Through innovation and responsible stewardship, we strive to leave a positive legacy, preserving our planet for future generations while driving business success.

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Our approach to Health & Safety

At H&S we believe that going to work in an incident and injury free environment is a basic human right that employees should expect from their employers. We work proactively with clients, designers, contractors and our employees to ensure this is delivered. We would walk away from any job we felt compromised our commitment to safety.


​We also recognise that being incident and injury free requires commitment from all employees and that to take a personal stand demonstrates great courage and trust. H&S work to develop the experience and capability of its employees, continually improving their own safety performance. A comprehensive training plan ensures that all employees receive regular health and safety training.​


Projects are regularly visited by our safety managers, who undertake inductions and tool box talks to ensure that our method statements, risk assessments and COSHH assessments are properly conveyed and understood by all our employees.​​​


Health & Safety Schemes

Our organization recently achieved ISO 45001certification, a globally recognized standard for occupational health and safety management systems. This accomplishment reflects our dedication to creating a safe and healthy workplace for all employees and stakeholders.

To achieve ISO 45001, we implemented a comprehensive safety management system, focusing on risk assessment, incident prevention, and continuous improvement. We engaged employees at all levels to ensure their involvement and commitment to safety practices. Our leadership team provided unwavering support, fostering a safety culture that prioritizes the well-being of everyone.

Achieving ISO 45001 not only underscores our commitment to safety but also positions us as a responsible and trusted partner in our industry.

ConstructionOnline - Gold Verified 

Earning the Constructionline Gold verification is a significant achievement for H&S, reflecting our steadfast commitment to maintaining high standards across a range of critical areas in the construction industry. This prestigious certification is a clear demonstration of our company's dedication to quality, safety, and compliance.

The Gold verification from Constructionline is not easily obtained. It requires rigorous assessment of a company's health and safety policies, quality management systems, financial stability, and environmental practices. By achieving this level of certification, H&S has proven its ability to meet and often exceed the stringent requirements set by Constructionline.

With this accolade, clients and partners can be confident that H&S operates with the utmost professionalism, adhering to industry best practices and maintaining a strong commitment to corporate governance and social responsibility. This certification not only strengthens our position in the market but also underscores our role as a trusted and reliable partner in the construction sector.



CSCS was established in 1995 to improve quality, reduce accidents and remove cowboy builders. By 2007 the Scheme awarded the millionth CSCS card but this still represented less than half of those employed in the construction industry. H&S, however, have a 100% CSCS carded workforce. This ensures quality of service and provides a solid foundation for our training and development plan, ensuring health and safety awareness prior to undertaking further specific training.​​


Hazardous Waste
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Prioritizing Health and Safety: Our Dedication to a Secure and Supportive Workplace

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