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Discover the ways we're making sustainability a reality—both for our clients and the planet.

From aiming for zero waste to enhancing our recycling efforts, we’re committed to sustainability in everything we do. Learn about the changes we're implementing and the innovative products that can help you minimize your impact on the environment.



"People" refers to the way we're empowering our employees and our local communities. This commitment means providing career growth opportunities, ensuring a safe  workplace



“Planet”, we’re minimising the environmental impact of our operations; we are committed to cutting the carbon emissions of our entire supply chain in half by 2035. 



And when it comes to “Paints”, we’re working hard to create pioneering solutions and bring you a wider choice of more sustainable paints and finishes. 


Championing Sustainability

Sustainability and environmental consciousness are woven into our business DNA. We prioritize eco-friendly practices, minimizing our carbon footprint, conserving resources, and prioritizing renewable energy. Through innovation and responsible stewardship, we strive to leave a positive legacy, preserving our planet for future generations while driving business success.

At H&S, we are dedicated to creating innovative paints and coatings that meet today's needs while safeguarding our planet for the future. By collaborating closely with customers, we play a vital role in advancing entire industries toward a more sustainable future.


Our paints and coatings offer much more than just colour—they can harness energy, reflect heat, extend the life of surfaces, improve indoor air quality, and reduce drag on ships. This range of capabilities helps our customers reduce energy consumption, increase efficiency, minimize waste, improve safety, and save costs. We are committed to finding inventive solutions that can make a positive difference in a rapidly changing world.


This strategy is crucial to achieving our science-based goal of reducing carbon emissions by 2030. This goal is one of several targets for that year, which also include sourcing revenue from sustainable products, achieving circular material use, and empowering people in local communities with new skills.


To reach these ambitious goals, we focus on sustainable solutions and invest in our growing portfolio of innovative products and technologies.


Our approach is driven by five key principles: lowering energy use and carbon emissions, reducing waste, promoting reuse and renewal, supporting health and well-being, and ensuring longer-lasting products.By embracing these principles, we at H&S are building a portfolio that leads the way in sustainability and helps create a better future for everyone.

Our Ambition 

As a sustainable company, our mission is to paint a brighter future for the industry, our customers and the world.


Local Sourced Labour


Promoting Public Transport


Re-use Paint for Local Community



EV Deliverey


Sustainable Packaging


Commitment to NetZero 20235

Man Painting a Wall

Community Repaint

H&S are extensively involved in a scheme called ‘Community Repaint’, a network managed by Resource Futures – an employee owned, not for profit, environmental consultancy.

Each year over 450 million litres of paint are sold in the UK (both trade and retail), of which an estimated 80 million litres (enough to fill 50 olympic sized swimming pools) is thrown away or stored in partially used cans, never to be reused. The majority of this paint is then disposed of in landfill sites.

The Community Repaint scheme is an environmentally and socially beneficial practical solution to this waste stream which ensures all unwanted and surplus paints are redistributed for reuse by community groups, charities and voluntary organisations.


We know that sustainability is important to our customers, which is why we prioritize eco-friendly practices in all aspects of our business. 

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